AMITIE French-English Dual Language Immersion Program seeking elementary teacher (Brockton, MA)

The Amitié French-English dual language immersion program is located at the M. George Jr.  Elementary (Global Studies) School.   The Amitié program launched in September 2018 with Kindergarten and will add new grades annually.  Teachers are part of a two-person team in a successful 50%-50% model where students spend half of the day with their English-side teacher and part of their day with the French teacher in all content areas (language arts, math, social studies and science) and using all four domains (reading, writing, speaking and listening).  Teachers also integrate cultural components to enhance the experience of children in learning about the Francophone traditions, customs, and history in appropriately developmental ways for the grade levels.

We are committed to supporting each team of teachers with the appropriate curriculum, resources and strategy implementation for dual language programming as well as the assistance of a Language Acquisition coach.  The Brockton Public Schools and Bilingual Department continue to strive for success for all students and continue the tradition of leadership in bilingual education.


  • A valid Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education license in early childhood education or a transferable equivalent.
  • Assessed academic proficiency and conversational fluency in French and/or French language teaching license.
  • SEI Endorsement as approved by Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education(preferred)
  • Successful experience teaching young learners.
  • Relative teaching experience with second language acquisition preferred.
  • Strong organizational skills, time-management and communication skills.
  • Demonstrates a high level of cooperation to work with grade level partner and dual language team.
  • Understanding the philosophy of dual language learning and teaching.
  • Fulfillment of Brockton Public Schools district requirements.


  • Teaching in a 50%-50% model program facilitating flexible scheduling to accommodate student daily transitions and continuation of content learning between two languages.
  • Strong commitment to the philosophy of dual language education.
  • Participate and collaborate in building-based and department staff meetings.
  • Work as a vested member of the dual language team on issues specifically related to dual language, philosophy, programs and approaches.
  • Thoughtfully plan lessons with grade level partner and implement specific strategies to meet the needs of all students while fostering cultural understanding, developing students’ social growth and focus on language acquisition.
  • Create a positive, language rich, multicultural learning environment
  • Administer and analyze student assessment data to inform planning, developing targeted instruction and making instructional decisions as related to dual language instruction.
  • Interact with parents and staff on  topics related to dual language and student progress.
  • Duties related to dual language teaching and learning and district goals for growing dual language programming.

Interested candidates please contact us for more information on the positions or send resume/cover letter to:

Ms. Kellie Jones, Director, Department of Bilingual-ESL Services


Ms. V.  Roumis, Department Head K-8 Bilingual-ESL Services

Central Administration-Department of Bilingual-ESL Services

43 Crescent Street

Brockton, MA  02301




Ms. Natalie Pohl


M. George Jr. Elementary School