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Birthplace of the FHLP, New York City represents at once the power, energy, diversity and philosophy of the Program. With over 450 students enrolled in 2014, our classes are now offered in 10 public high schools (Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan), one elementary Charter school in Harlem (NYFACS), and in various community-based organizations including the Malian Cultural center in Harlem and church-based Haitian Americans in Action in Brooklyn. These collaborations have allowed eligible students to get valuable credits for graduation, successfully take SAT or AP exams as well as take part in the numerous cultural workshops and school trips organized outside the classroom throughout the year. Two new high schools are about to join this year and demand continues to grow among community-based centers, with more and more public and local partners financing our classes on a 50% basis or more. The strength of the NYFACS Charter School and increased enrollment in public school dual language programs demonstrates the enthusiasm for French language support among French, Francophone and American communities in New York City.  As a laboratory for experimentations in and outside of the classroom, our New York City Program has played a strategic role in developing free French classes and teaching resources made available online, while inspiring and serving our other Programs and local initiatives across the country.