French Heritage
Language Programs

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Just one month after the devastating Haiti earthquake in January 2010, the French Heritage Language Program opened its first classes at Miami’s Little Haiti Cultural Center. Thanks to the work and commitment of our local partner, the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance, and contributing organizations like Easter Seals South Florida, this program has met with ever growing success with enrollment totaling 150 students on five sites in 2012. Boyd Anderson High School, in Broward County, provides an excellent example of the success of the French Heritage Language Program. For the second year now, this high school partners with FHLP on a 50% basis and offers its students preparation to the AP French with excellent results. With the help of the Broward County Board of Public Schools, a neighboring elementary school might also join the program next year to create a continuum with Boyd Anderson.  Other classes continue at the Little Haiti Cultural Center and the Toussaint Louverture elementary school. Since Spring 2012, our Miami Program is also part of the nationally recognized Prime Time Family Reading Program that offers free reading and debate sessions for children and their parents. The demand for new French classes is still very high in Florida, especially south of Miami in the Kendall region.