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French dual language and immersion programs are emerging and growing every year in public schools across the U.S., but public funding for these programs is limited. 

The French Dual Language Fund was launched by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and FACE Foundation in response to the increasing demand for dual language education programs in public schools, where funds for such programs are often limited. 

The French Dual Language Fund aims to address the most critical needs of the network, including teacher training and retention, access to French pedagogical resources, and native speaker presence in classrooms, while supporting the expansion of new programs in public schools across the US. 



Thanks to the generous support of our donors, the French Dual Language Fund will support the expansion of bilingual education and achieve the following objectives by 2022

Support pedagogical projects in 200 schools ($150,000/year in grants)

Allocate scholarships for 120 future teachers ($150,000/year in scholarships)   

Fund 100 interns from France ($80,000/year in grants to schools)



The French Dual Language Fund supports pedagogical projects, teacher training, and learning resources for public French dual language programs nationwide.

Exemplary grantees include the Georgia State Department of Education, which used 2016 grant funds to adapt Georgia state STEM curriculum for 5 French immersion programs reaching 600 students. The new curriculum is now housed on an online platform and available to every French teacher in the state of Georgia. 

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The French Dual Language Fund is made possible by contributions from:
Chanel, Inc., BIC, The Florence Gould Foundation, The Alfred and Jane Ross Foundation, AXA, Best Buy, the Société des Professeurs Français et Francophones d’Amérique, and Whole Foods.

We have currently raised $1.5 million of our goal of $2 million to support these initiatives over the next five years. Additional support will enable us to further expand the impact of bilingual education nationwide.

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Mathieu Ausseil
Education Attaché, Head of Educational Affairs Department, 
French Embassy in the United States


Inauguration of the French Dual Language Fund by French President Emmanuel Marcon, Septemnber 20, 2017, CUNY New York City