What 200 Schools In 30 States And 116 Cities Have In Common

200 schools in 30 states and 116 cities offer a French bilingual program in the United States. They serve approximately 40,000 children who each day are becoming more and more bilingual, bi-literate, and multicultural. The following directory lists schools that offer a K-12 day-time French dual language program, one-way immersion in French, and French curriculum schools. Whether public or private, these schools follow various models and pedagogical objectives. Yet, they all play a crucial role in educating children with a global mindset, and impacting both the local and global community that they serve.

By choosing French immersion for their children - or any immersion in a second language for that matter - parents in the U.S. not only offer the gift of bilingualism to the next generation, they also give children a passport to the world, as well as a set of very useful skills. They foster not only a greater understanding and respect for other people's culture in their children, but also give them efficient tools for adapting quickly to new environments, and for problem-solving complex situations that often take root in another part of the world.

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- Dr. Fabrice Jaumont – Education Attaché, Embassy of France to the United States, New York Office