1st Bilingual Education Fair Of New York

1st Bilingual Education Fair of New YorkSaturday, Oct 11There are many reasons to raise kids bilingual, from maintaining their heritage to preparing them for a globalized world.We have created New York's first Bilingual Education Fair to help parents answer difficult questions:   -Which language should we speak at home?   -What if she mixes languages?   -Where can I find other families who speak the same language?   -How should I choose a school for my bilingual child?More than 60 schools (in 8 languages), publishers, experts will be here to answer your questions, along with roundtables and activities for kids and grownups:Roundtables:-10 am: The bilingual brain, how it works, with Nate Cornish (co-Director of Clinical Services Bilingual Therapies); Adrian Garcia-Sierra Ph.D. (Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences at the University of Washington); Loraine K. Obler, Ph.D. (CUNY Graduate Center, NY).-11 am: How to open a Dual Language Program in your public school, moderated by Fabrice Jaumont, with French, Italian, Japanese, Russian & German parents).-2 pm: Bilingual Education: passport to success or limit to assimilation?  with Nairán Ramírez Esparza, Ph.D. (Department of Psychology University of Connecticut); Elvira Swender, Ph.D. (Director of Professional Programs, The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), NY) and Barbara Zurer Pearson, Ph.D. (University of Massachusetts Amherst)Activities:All day long, activities will be provided for kids and adults by: Le Camion des mots; Bilingual Birdies; FIAFMore on the event herehttp://bilingualfair.org/