Online Teachers Workshops 2023

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Stay connected with the Educational Affairs Department, with all the upcoming online teachers' training that will provide you with great tools on how to engage and motivate your students no matter the context! We are delighted to offer the following workshops and stay tuned as we continue to update you.  

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Participants will receive (upon request) a certification of participation for the hours of the training that can be used to prove professional development hours. Please note that participation in each session is REQUIRED to receive a Certificate of Completion as the full workshops take place over two consecutive Saturdays (sessions of three hours each).


Upcoming Workshops



"Utiliser des supports audiovisuels en classe de FLE" - France Education International
March 18 and 25
11 am – 2 pm 

Join Valérie Schmittbiel, an associate expert at France Education International. This will workshop will enable participants to analyze different forms of French-language audiovisual resources at their disposal and discuss their practices. Participants will also conduct a pre-pedagogical analysis of an audiovisual medium and design activities to promote access to understanding. 

  Description: This module will aim at adopting motivating practices and mastering the necessary skills to immerse learners in French current events and give them the tools to analyze and apply them. At the end of this module, participants will be able to select a variety of source documents, adapted to the age and interests of their learners, and then create a motivating and effective pedagogical exploitation.




"Culture Francophones et interculturalite en classes de FLE" - Pierre-Yves Roux
May 6 and 13
11 am – 2 pm 


"Structurer une unite didactique a partir d'un document authentique" - France Education International 
May 20 and 27
11 am – 2 pm 




Please see the table below for workshop dates and times in local hours:

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