Future Immersion Teachers Fellows 2021-2022

The French Dual-Language Fund, a collaboration between the FACE Foundation and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, grants Future Immersion Teacher (FIT) Fellowship scholarships every year to Americans pursuing studies in dual-language French immersion programs in the United States. Currently there are nine partner universities located in Utah, Georgia, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island and Louisiana. Students studying at these programs can receive scholarships between $5,000 and $10,000.


Félicitations to the new grantees of the Future Immersion Teachers Fellowship !


The French Embassy and the FACE Foundation are happy to offer three grants in 2021-2022 to students pursuing a certificate in education with a concentration on French bilingual education.


Samirath Gnabode is enrolled in the Bilingual Early Childhood Education master’s program at Hunter College. After majoring in Psychology at York College, Samirath served as a Teaching Assistant with our colleagues at the French Heritage Language Program and is currently working as a bilingual teacher in New York. Originally from Benin, Samirath is not only fluent in English and French but also in Gun and Yoruba.


Daphne Gribetz is working to obtain the Bilingual Extension Advanced Certificate from Queens College, at the City University of New York. Daphne received a master’s in Elementary Education and TESOL from Mercy College and a degree in Human Resource Management from Baruch College.  She is a French and Haitian Creole native speaker.


James Cahan is enrolled in the TESOL and Dual Language Immersion master’s program at the University of Rhode Island. After graduating with a degree in Secondary Education and French from Keene State College, James worked as an English teacher abroad, in Morocco and France, and taught French in Rhode Island and Georgia. He is a TAPIF Alumnus.


Thank you to the faculty members who appointed  the 2021-2022  FIT Fellows  and good luck to our Future Immersion teachers !


For more information about the FIT Fellowship, please visit FACE Foundation and get in touch with: fdlf@face-foundation.org

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