Formations pédagogiques pour le FLE en avril et mai 2021

The Educational Service of the French Embassy is welcoming spring with three new trainings, open and free to all! 

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1. Tuesday, April 6, 5-7:30 PM (EST): Classe d’investigation : Un jeu d’éducation aux médias with Sébastian Rochat (of CLEMI)

Learn to utilize a unique game for your French classes: your students will step into the shoes of an investigative journalist and solve a mystery through authentic documents and videos and exchanges with their classmates. They'll discover the work of journalists and the different ways that information can be shared--in order to apply their new media comprehension skills in real life against the growing threat of fake news. The game utilizes listening, reading, writing skills, all in French, for an immersive, fun and educational experience in media literacy.

2. Saturday, April 17, 12-3 PM (EST): Drameducation: Le théâtre en cours de FLE with Jan Nowak (of the International Center of Francophone Theater in Poland)

Theater expert Jan Nowak will teach you how to use modernized works of theater to help your students with their reading and speaking skills. Using classic works such as Molière—but updated with modern language and abbreviated into more easily understandable language to work on practical French skills—students will work on their diction and pronunciation by putting on their own work of theater. Embolden even your shyest students to speak out loud!

3. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, May 11, 12, and 13, 5-7 PM (EST) every day: Introduire et exploiter des extraits littéraires pour les jeunes en classe de FLE with Pierre-Yves Roux (of France Education International)

Often seen as a difficult medium, literature is not only a useful resource in French classes but a necessary one. Participants will be introduced to numerous classroom materials that will permit them to teach authentic literature as early as the A1 level, while respecting the specific competences needed to effectively integrate them into the lesson. Discover Francophone culture from a classic and contemporary perspective and plan a lesson from choosing the appropriate texts to all the ways to use them in class. Don't miss this training with Pierre-Yves Roux, FLE trainer of international renown!

Please see below for a table of each training time in local hours: