Formations pédagogiques pour le FLE en janvier et février 2021

Formez-vous! The Educational Service is delighted to offer the following teacher trainings online in January and February of 2021. Start off your year with these trainings that will provide you with great ideas on how to engage and motivate your students--no matter the context! Click this link to sign up for the following training sessions.

1. Réaliser un podcast en cours de FLE with Eric Schweitzer of CLEMI Paris: Tuesday, January 12; Thursday, January 14; Tuesday, January 19; and Thursday, January 21, 2021 from 5-6:30 PM (EST). 

Utilise current technology and capitalize on the rise of podcasts to encourage your students to use their French skills in an innovative way. Using podcasts as an interactive project, encourage your students to develop their French skills and critical thinking skills as writers and speakers of an original piece of media.

2. Culture contemporaine with Pierre-Yves Roux of France Education International: Tuesday, February 2, Wednesday, February 3 and Thursday, February 4, 2021 from 5-7 PM (EST). 

Explore the role of culture within language teaching. This training will explore avenues to teach culture in parallel with language, including both theoretical approaches and concrete activities, and leading to a reflection on modern French and Francophone cultural identity as welll as their place in French courses. 

Themes include:

  • Why use culture in French class?
  • Deconstructing stereotypes
  • Themed class activites:
    • The family and its new forms
    • Between privileged and underprivileged neighborhoods
    • French and environmental protection
    • Francophone technological innovation
  • Presentation of contemporary literature
  • A French-language themed escape game
  • Between principles and methodology

3. La bande dessinée en cours de FLE with Bernard Gruas, independent teacher of FLE: Saturday, February 27 from 12 noon-3 PM (EST). 

Approach your FLE classes in a different way by utilizing comic books, allowing your students to utilize their creativity as well as their language skills: the use of images and text can help students to learn words and grammatical structures more easily, as well as providing cultural support through current Francophone works. 

Learn to:

  • Discover the universe of French and Francophone comic books
  • Identify the existing resources in the world of Francophone comic books
  • Choose a comic book: which ones, and for what kinds of classes?
  • Use comic books to teach grammar, culture and lexicon
  • Create original comic books with your students in French class

Click this link to sign up. You will receive an email with a link to connect before each of the trainings you select.

Please see below table for local times in the United States.