4 Ways to Bring the Art World into Your Online French Classes

Photo: Dancers from the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève perform "Ce qu'il nous reste", choreographed by Jeremy Tran. Available on Numeridanse.

1. “Classes d’Art”

Bring the world-renowned Festival of Avignon, celebrating theater, dance, and other art forms, straight to your classroom. In partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and Festival Experiences, the Festival of Avignon is delighted to introduce you in-depth to artists with a strong link to the festival—their art, inspirations, and perspectives. You can also access previously unreleased recordings and interviews. English subtitles are available for almost all the content, making this unique art exploration accessible to all levels of French courses.

Follow this link to explore the offerings at the Festival of Avignon.

2.  French-American Museum Exchange (FRAME) Online Collections

FRAME seeks to overcome geographical limitations to share the greatest works of French and American art with a wide and international audience. With almost 50 participating museums, a huge swath of classical and contemporary art from institutions across Europe and North America is available online—with accompanying historical explanations and information. Explore as a classroom, break up visits into projects, or let your students loose to find their favorite oeuvre d’art: the choice is yours!

Click here to peruse the extensive online collections of FRAME’s member museums.

3. Numeridanse

Introduce your students to the diverse world of dance through Numeridanse, an online catalogue of thousands of choreography excerpts, short documentaries, and world-famous performances. A huge range of dance styles are available, including contemporary, classical, and  traditional; Numeridanse is equally appealing to young fans of cutting-edge techno, house, and hip-hop as it is to those who prefer ballet and folk dance. Don’t miss the Playlists section, featuring user-created compilations of the performances that showcase the best of the dance world. 

Access the wide world of dance here.

4. IFCinéma

Created by the Institut Français to allow teachers to introduce their students to le cinema français, this platform makes hundreds of French and Francophone works available for download. Although students can’t access the films individually, IFCinéma is a great opportunity to watch a movie as a class by using screen-sharing from the teacher’s computer. Also check out their  “Thematic Cycle”, which collects several films exploring the same theme—current themes include Sustainable Planet and La French Touch du cinema indépendant.

To get access to IFCinéma as a teacher, please sign up on the IFCinéma website. When filling out your city on the signup page, please also indicate your state. We will then contact you to complete the process.