This summer in professional development for French-language educators across the country

After a challenging and very unusual year, we hope that educators across the country are having a restful summer. The Educational Service at the Embassy of France is delighted to share with you the "nouveautés d'été" for French teachers. We look forward to meeting with you (virtually) at these upcoming events!
1. Pedagogical training series with CAVILAM

Join the Alliance Française de Vichy to learn more about the resources available to French teachers in the challenging and varied context of this year's back-to-school.

This online training series will take place during August and September, in webinar and workshop form: teachers from CAVILAM will begin with a general presentation of the topics, and then host interactive workshops with a small group of participants to discuss each subject further. You can expect to be provided with a wide range of educational materials and strategies that are useful both for teaching in the classroom and online; this is a fantastic chance to work with world-class pedagogy instructors as you prepare for the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, in whatever form it takes.

  • Mardi 25 août, webinaire : Motiver à apprendre, apprendre à motiver en classe et en ligne de 17h30 - 18h30 (heure française); Mercredi 26 août et jeudi 27 août, ateliers de petits groupes en ligne: Motiver à apprendre et dynamiser la classe de français de 17h à 18h30 (heure française)
  • Mardi 1er septembre, webinaire : Enseigner avec des documents oraux ou écrits de 17h30 - 18h30 (heure française); Mercredi 2 septembre et jeudi 3 septembre, ateliers de petits groupes en ligne: Travailler les compétences de compréhension et d'expression avec des documents oraux et écrits de 17 h à 18h30 (heure française)
  • Mardi 8ème septembre, webinaire : De la photo à la bande dessinée jusqu'au cinéma, enseigner le français avec des supports visuels de 17h30 - 18h30 (heure française); Mercredi 9 septembre et jeudi 10 septembre, ateliers de petits groupes en ligne: De la photo à la bande dessinée jusqu'au cinéma, enseigner le français avec des supports visuels  de 17 h à 18h30 (heure française)  

To sign up to receive more information, please follow this link.

2. Online cultural workshop for French teachers: "Promote intercultural mindset et vaincre les distances avec TV5MONDE"

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy is delighted to collaborate with TV5MONDE for a 2-hour online workshop on August 4. Hosted by Emilie Lehr and Valérie Sun on Zoom, the workshop is intended for French teachers in DLI and FLE programs, at all grade levels. “Promote intercultural mindset et vaincre les distances avec TV5MONDE” will focus on addressing cultural challenges in remote learning education and provide an introduction on how to use audiovisual resources offered by TV5MONDE in this context. These resources follow the ACTFL communication and skills standards.
Click this link to sign up for the workshop.

3. Le Jour du prof de français: November 26, 2020

Celebrate French teachers across the world on the Journée internationale des professeurs de français this coming November. As well as the opportunity to participate in a full calendar of activities, you're invited to share your ideas for an activity on this day--whether playful, festive, solemn, or educational. The theme for 2020 is "Nouveaux liens et nouvelles pratiques: Projets pour demain". 

Click here to learn more about the upcoming celebration and submit your ideas!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Rebecca Duncan, Educational Affairs Program Officer, at