France Education International opens its world-renowned summer classes for educators online

An exceptional situation requires an exceptional response: although the current health situation makes the traditional summer classes at the world-renowned BELC impossible, France Education International has stepped up to assure the continued education of the actors who promote the French language abroad. With this aim in mind, FEI is delighted to offer you the opening of its first-ever summer campus entirely online. This is a rare occasion for French-language educators in the United States to benefit from the most advanced and prestigious training that exists in the field—from home and for free. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity!

Intended for teachers of French as a foreign language (junior high schools, high schools, and adults), dual language educators (elementary, junior, and high school levels), and FLAM teachers, the many classes offered can nevertheless apply to a wide range for those in the educational sector.

Following are the possibilities for your continued education this summer:

  • July 6-31: Autonomous “discovery” courses offered on various pedagogical topics (please see the table below for a full list of courses offered, as well as the various audiences they suit). Participants can choose to attend as many or as few courses as they wish, and according to their own schedule.
    • A range of accompanying materials courtesy of France Education International will be available online after June 6 and freely accessible, including conferences, interviews, webinars, dioramas, and more.
  • July 15-29: Classes to accompany the “discovery” courses, to be scheduled according to the timezones of registered participants.
    • A Facebook page for participants is also available in order to connect with fellow educators across the country and across the world.
    • This year’s online campus will wrap up with an online game for all.

Please click this link to read more about each course.


You can sign up for the ensemble of these trainings between June 8 to June 21 by clicking this link to FEI’s website.

Feel free to reach out with any questions to