Eisenhower International School receives the LabelFrancEducation

It is our pleasure to announce that the Eisenhower International School in Tulsa has been awarded this year the LabelFrancEducation for a second time.

The Eisenhower International School is an elementary school in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a French dual language program, from PreK to 5th grade. Because of its remarkable program and dedication to the French language and culture, Eisenhower first received the LabelFrancEducation in August of 2016 for a duration of three years.

Founded in 2012 by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the LabelFrancEducation quality seal is granted to foreign schools offering French bilingual sections of high quality as part of the school programs in their country.

Today, the LabelFrancEducation covers a network of 395 schools/programs in 59 countries. The United States has the largest number of labeled schools, 53, across 13 states, serving more than 11,600 students.

Thanks to the LabelFrancEducation, the Eisenhower International School will receive:

- A discounted access to the educational resources of the online platform CANOPE, in partnership with the French Ministry of Education,

- Free access to the online media library CULTURETHEQUE composed of 220 000 documents (music, books, magazines, documentaries…),

- A discounted access to Les Fondamentaux, a media library containing over 460 animated short videos targeted at elementary students and covering a range of fundamental topics including math, science, French language, civic studies and music,

- Priority when selecting the grantees of the French Dual Language Fund, a grant offered by the Embassy of France in the US and the FACE Foundation,

- The opportunity of belonging to a national and global network.