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Are you looking to establish a partnership with a school in France?

We are here to help you set up an official, state-approved agreement with a French school. Official partnerships make it easier to establish pen-pal programs for students, organize travel exchange programs, and encourage the exchange of ideas among students, teachers, and administrators.

School Pairing Process

1. Fill out the Partnership Application Form and send it to the Educational Affairs contact at your regional French consulate (see page 4 for consular contacts).

* If your school is located in a district where American and French educational authorities have already established an official partnership (known as a Memorandum of Understanding or MoU), your request will be forwarded to the DAREIC (Délégation académique aux relations européennes et internationales et à la coopération) of your partner "Académie" in France.

* If your school is NOT located in a district with a pre-existing memorandum, please indicate on the application form which French "Académie" you would prefer for partnership.

2. Once a partner school in France is identified, you will be contacted by your regional consulate to confirm the partnership by filling out the Confirmation form – US School. 


The agreement  constitutes a formal framework for the partnership. The French and American schools then agree on cooperative modalities (electronic exchange, travel exchange program, etc.)

Please remember that the school pairing process depends on timely responses from both schools, thus it can take up to several months to complete. We assure you that the partnership is worth the wait!

Online Resources for Identifying a Partner School in France

The Embassy of France in the United States does not sponsor the following websites:

Vous souhaitez établir un partenariat avec une école aux Etats-Unis ?

La première étape est de contacter la DAREIC (Délégation académique aux relations européennes et internationales et à la coopération) de votre Académie. Celle-ci vous indiquera les démarches à effectuer puis transmettra votre demande à nos services.

Vous trouverez également des informations utiles sur la page de l'éduSCOL.