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Karim Souchu, a French professional basketball player, recently moved to Atlanta and we are very lucky: he teaches the next generation of athletes and he is an asset to any educational program or business. Il faut le rencontrer !

Who is Karim?

Karim is a professional basketball player. He got a scholarship at Furman University where he spent 4 years under the leadership of coach Larry Davis who is currently coaching at the University of Cincinnati. Karim has a long career and he is a terrific pedagogue! To learn more about his basketball profession, please visit: www.hoopzllc.com 

What is 3x3?

3x3 is becoming the new attraction in modern basketball. What started as a dream became a reality a few months ago when the International Olympic Committee offi cially added 3x3 to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Easily played and learned, 3x3 is a brand new approach of the game of basketball. hoopzllc will focus on two principals: (1) Fundamentals and (2) Quick decision-making. Through the expertise of a well known and international 3x3 coach, this program will teach after school children the specific rules of this fast paced game while simultaneously improving their confidence and self-awareness. It will provide your children all the tools to think quickly on their feet.

What Karim offers?

  • Individual workout
  • 3x3 Basketball coaching
  • Seminars
  • Team building
  • Consulting
  • Scouting

Coach Karim Souchu:

  • 2012: Silver Medal at first ever 3x3 World Championships
  • 2015: Silver Medal at U18 European Championships
  • 2016: 3x3 U18 European Champion
  • 2017: Bronze Medal at 3x3 World Championship
  • 2017: Bronze Medal at 3x3 U18 European Championships


For inquiries, please contact Karim Souchu ksouchu43@gmail.com