Mou Ga/nancy-metz: Visit To Price Middle School

In the framework of the MOU established in 2010 between the Georgia Department of Education and Académie de Nancy-Metz, Mme Deborah KEETON of Collège du Haut-de-Penoy visited Luther Judson Price Middle School in Atlanta.

Madame Deborah Keeton, of Price Middle school's sister school, Collège de Haut-de-Penoy, visited Price Middle school on Friday, February 15, 2013.  As a result of this extraordinary occasion, a small group of Luther Judson Price Middle School’s French students have been identified, along with parents, and Madame Shamita Johnson to visit Nancy-Metz, France in June 2013. Madame Deborah Keeton and Madame Shamita Johnson have a profound commitment in preparing students, from both sides of the ocean, for excellence and engagement as well as to become positive active global citizens in our interconnected society.