French Dual Language And Immersion Programs In The U.s.

The success of dual language education in the United States reflects the fact that bilingualism is a priority for more and more families. The benefits of bilingual education are widely recognized. Beyond open-mindedness and superior cognitive and intellectual agility, bilingualism lends competencies that enhance the student’s attractiveness when applying to universities, and later supports their advancement in an increasingly international job market.


French is a cornerstone of this new phenomenon. With the foundations of the bilingual network solidified, the opening of new French bilingual schools every year, and thousands of students benefiting from these bilingual and bicultural opportunities, a veritable revolution is underway. It is time to leverage this potential for progress and accelerate the development of bilingual programs in the United States.


This report presents key initiatives of French immersion and bilingual programs across the United States, spearheaded by energetic educational leaders. These leaders are determined to give greater opportunity to children in their communities, and to continue adapting these diverse programs to a myriad of local schools and settings.


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