Todd Bowen Awarded The Ordre Des Palmes Academiques

On Monday May 4, 2015 Professor Todd Bowen was presented with the Ordre des Palmes Académiques, one of the highest insignias bestowed upon educators. The insignia, which was established in 1808 by Napoleon Bonaparte, seeks to recognize purveyors of the French culture and language.

After receiving his Master's degree from the Univeristy of California, Santa Barbara, Mr. Bowen began his career teaching French at Winamac Community High School. He then taught at Bloomington High School and finally at Adlai Stevenson High School in Linconshire. At each of these schools he was able to reinvigorate and moderinze the french and foreign language departments.

At this point in his career, Mr. Bowen began to take administrative positions at his school in addition to teaching. He was named the Director of the Foreign Languages Department at Barrington High School where he was able to bring $1.5 million dollars to the department through the Foreign Language Assistance grant program. He was also appointed similar Director of Languages roles at New Trier Township High School, and currently at Niles Township High Schools in Skokie, IL. At each of these schools he was able to improve the curriculums to meet the national standards as well as incorporate new technologies.

In addition to his work in the various schools, Mr. Bowen has been an active member of many associations, both nationally and locally. He has held several positions for the AATF of Chicago incuding Vice-President. He is also on the Board of Directors for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. His work and achievements have been regonized over the years. Most notably, Mr. Bowen was awarded the AATF Dorothy S. Ludwig award for the Best Secondary Level Professor.

The bestowal of the “Palmes Académiques” on Mr. Todd Bowen is well deserved and is a celebration of his impressive career and an honor of his permanent involvement in French culture and language.