New French Immersion Program In Los Angeles!

The Frank D. Parent TK-8 World Language School will launch a new French immersion program in October 8, 2017! The French Dual-Language Immersion Program will be a “school choice” option, allowing students to learn and immerse themselves in two languages and cultures in the same way we learn our native language—by living it. The program will be a continuous TK-8 immersion pathway and will follow the same curriculum mandated in all California TK-8 classrooms. Classes will be taught 90% in French and 10% in English, and will be kept small to facilitate individualized instruction by teachers who using learning techniques tailored to students. 


Benefits of the program:

  • - Certificate of Biliteracy
  • - Fluency in French and English
  • - Skills: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity
  • - Respect for self and others



World Language School graduates will receive a Certificate of Biliteracy, an impressive achievement that is highly regarded by national and international universities. By the time students graduate, they will also gain enhanced communication skills by working in groups and in pluralistic environments. Students will attain critical thinking skills and be challenged to devise creative solutions to problems, as they come in contact with important scientific and cultural contributions associated with their languages. Perhaps most importantly, students will be encouraged to develop respect for self and for others as they learn about social issues and understand the importance of improving one’s community. 


Frank D. Parent TK-8 World Language School is now enrolling for the anticipated French Dual-Language Immersion TK-Kinder classes for the 2017-2018 school year! 


Participation is open to all Los Angeles families, however priority is given to students residing within the Inglewood Unified School District. All out-of-district families are encouraged to apply and will receive support in the permitting process.



Check out the school's website here and contact Principal Gregory: or Miriam Morris (310)-430-4049.