Professor Bernard Cerquiglini Was In Atlanta And We Had Fun!

Bernard Cerquiglini has a long and distinguished career as a professor of Linguistics, and as author of more than 12 books. For many years, Dr. Cerquiglini has also presented the very popular television program Merci professeur! on the global television network TV5 Monde.



About the lecture:

Over several centuries, English and French languages have influenced each other, while gaining cultural hence normative leadership throughout the world. As a result of their constant contact, today, the English vocabulary is largely of French origin, while the great majority of new French words continue to be borrowed from English.

This mutual exchange reminds us that languages are neither isolated nor protected entities, that plurilingualism is part of all human communication, and that languages will continue to grow and have to be practiced with their various origins and their rich imports. 



45% of English vocabulary is of French origin... Merci professeur !


We were very happy to welcome Bernard Cerquiglini in Atlanta. This event was sponsored by  AATF Georgia Chapter, American Association of Teachers of French, AATF Alabama Chapter, American Association of teachers of French and Auburn University. We would like to thank them for thid opportunity!