Support French Dual Language Programs This Holiday Season!

Did you know that a third of all foreign direct investment in the U.S. comes from francophone countries? Prepare today's students for tomorrow’s economy by supporting their studies in French dual language and immersion programs in public schools across the U.S.

The holiday season is here! This year, give the gift of multilingualism with a donation to the Fund for French Dual Language and Immersion Programs in the U.S. Your donation directly supports public schools and districts as they grow language immersion programs. That means opportunities for kids to learn French at a young age, helping them to attain fluency, opportunities to study abroad, and to one day become successful multilingual professionals. Students who participate in dual language and immersion programs have shown increased academic outcomes, reduced dropout rates, and better cognitive functioning. Support a multilingual generation this holiday season with a donation to support French immersion in public schools across the country!