Dr. Myriam Met At Mark White Elementary School

On Wednesday November 2nd, Dr. Myriam Met, bilingual education expert, was invited by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in Houston to Mark White Elementary School in Houston to share her expertise. The school opened a French dual language program on August 22nd 2016 in French immersion, with two classes of Pre-K and Kindergarten and a total number of 100 students.  Mark White Elementary will be opening the 1st grade level in August 2017 and adding a grade each year.

During this training session, the following elements were discussed:  

a.      Overview of the immersion program

b.      Overview of the 50/50 model

c.      Time management and partnering

d.      Language immersion strategies

The aim of Dr. Met’s visit was to assess the program and to provide avice on how to best develop it from this early stage. The teachers and principal had numerous questions, mainly about maintaining curriculum levels and answering parental concerns about proficiency in both languages. As the new and only public French dual language program in Texas, Mark White Elementary benefits from dual language program experience nationwide and the full support of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. Indeed, the school was awarded a $2000 grant from the FACE Fund for French dual language programs this year, dedicated to building the program’s resources.

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