French Minister Vallini Awards Label To Ps110 In Brooklyn

French Minister André Vallini awarded the Label FrancEducation to P.S.110 the Monitor School in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and its principal, Anna Cano Amato. The French Education Minister created the Label in 2011 in order to promote bilingual education. This label is given to schools that champion the French language and cultures of the French-speaking world by providing successful French Dual Language programs. Since 2012, 157 schools in the world have received this recognition. With 26 schools and 7 in New York (PS58, PS84, NYFACS, MS51, MS256, PS133, and PS110), the United States of America is the country featuring the largest number of FrancEducation Labels.In 2007, the first bilingual class was created in Brooklyn at PS 58. Due to an increasing number of parents seeking French language education for their children, yet another French Dual Language program was opened three years later at PS 110. They began with 18 students and now count 175 in their ranks. The bilingual class has changed the school. Today, both PS 110 and its French dual language program are very popular. The school doubled the number of seats for students attending the program in Kindergarten and 1st grade. A majority of families that want to put their children in Kindergarten do it for the French Dual Language program.More and more parents are interested in bilingual programs. They understand the cognitive benefits that bilingual program can offer. In New York, French is constantly gaining ground and almost 1500 students are enrolled in French Dual Language programs. They are 29,000 nationwide in over 150 schools. Speaking French provides opportunities in an increasingly globalized world: over 220 million people already speak French and numbers show that by 2050 it will be spoken by 750 million people.