Ms256 Awarded Label Franceducation

Kareen Rispal, the Director of America’s office at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, awarded the Label FrancEducation to M.S 256 Academic Athletic Excellence in Manhattan and its principal, Brian Zager.Addressing the students, she said: « The French language and Francophone cultures have a key role to play in this country. I see here a great number of Francophiles who understand the richness and beautiful diversity of the Francophone world! In cities and regions with a large francophone community, as is the case with New York City, it is clear to me that the Label can play an important role by serving as a seal of quality for schools offering French as a language of instruction. » Seven elementary schools provide an FDL program in New York City. However, there are only three middle schools in NYC and MS 256 is the only one in Manhattan. They began a program in 2013 with less than 10 students and there are over 75 now. This program offers Social Studies in French and a French advanced class for 6th, 7th and 8th grade. New York parents and the Cultural Services of French Embassy hope to open a FDL program in a high school.