Bring Bilingual Education To Children In Nyc Public Schools!

The French Dual Language Program, an initiative of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and FACE Foundation, provides high-quality bilingual education to children in public schools across New York City.  Currently 1,300 students are served by this program but the need is far greater with 22,000 children living in French-speaking homes with little or no access to education in French.In 2013, a campaign was launched to raise $ 2.8 million and reach 7,000 children within the next five years. Funding will go directly to develop new programs in underserved areas where many francophone families live and to bolster the existing programs.To date, $250,000 has been raised thanks to generous individuals, foundations, corporations and public institutions. These funds currently support 11 participating schools. A new middle & high school in Brooklyn is being added to the list as it will offer French dual language as part of its International Baccalaureate program, for free.We invite you to join us in this bilingual revolution and support multi-cultural and global education for our youngest citizens of tomorrow.

Where do contributions go?

1) Expanding the French Dual Language Program to more schools. By opening to more schools that do not yet have programs, we can create a strong impact for the ever-growing number of francophone and francophile families and communities in New York City.2) Attracting great teachers. We will provide grants for teachers to become qualified and certified in bilingual education. This guarantees a larger pool of qualified teachers to match the expansion of dual language programs.3) The purchase of French books. All dual language programs need a steady stream of new French books and resources, and require the purchase of large quantities of specific books.

What to give?

The estimated cost per student is $400 per year.By contributing up to $80, you provide books and resources for one dual language student for a year.By contributing $500, you fund a teacher’s professional development for a yearBy contributing $2,000 - $12,000, you become an integral member of a school’s community. Your contribution will create scholarships to support new student-teachers and provide books and resources for countless students.

How to give?

A check donation may be made payable to "FACE" and indicate "French Dual Language Program" in the memo line.FACE Foundation972 Fifth AvenueNew York, NY 10075

• Donate online at

Thank you for your support! Un grand merci pour votre soutien !Dr. Fabrice JaumontThe French Dual Language Program is an initiative of FACE Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.The program is overseen by an Advisory Committee of engaged parents and educators.